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Visit the official site of our FP7 “RAF Regions” project! ( 08/05/2008 )

You can now visit the website of the FP7 “RAF Regions” project at Gain access to the Public Website and learn about the project objectives and activities, the partnership, the Food Cluster Initiative. You can also download public deliverables and other useful reports and be informed about selected events and news relevant to the Food RTD sector.


In addition, by visiting you will be given the opportunity to search for partners for Food R&D projects from the 3 participating Regions of C. Macedonia (Greece), Puglia (Italy) and Pazardzhik (Bulgaria), as well as from other European countries and beyond. All you need to do to become yourself part of the RAF- Regions Partner Database is to register and then you will be given access to RTD profiles and then can start forming your R&D partnership and collaboration


“Big results require big ambitions.”