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GREEN BOAT PROJECT selected & presented as a good practice at the "1st European Territorial Cooperation Conference : Promoting Best Practices-Sharing Experiences" ( 16/05/2014 )

Following the evaluation of an independent committee, the GREEN BOAT project (EUROCONSULTANTS S.A.: Technical Consultant of the Prespes Municipality) has been selected as a good practice in the Best Practice Category "Innovation & Entrepreneurship". Therefore, the GREEN BOAT project was presented by EUROCONSULTANTS S.A., during the "1st European Territorial Cooperation Conference: Promoting Best Practices-Sharing Experiences" which was held under the Greek Presidency of the Council of Europe and in the framework of the celebrations for the Europe Day on 8th & 9th May 2014 in Thessaloniki, Greece (Conference Venue: MAKEDONIA PALACE). The goal of the Conference was to capitalize existing experiences and lessons learnt and to focus efforts, in order to transform individual and institutional experience and knowledge into capital that can be used in the future. The GREEN BOAT project also participated in the Projects' Fair, which took place along with the Conference.

The GREEN BOAT project has been implemented under the European Territorial Cooperation Programme: "GREECE - ALBANIA 2007-2013" and it concerns the supply of the first 2 solar boats in the Prespes Lakes area in Greece of and respectively of 1 solar boat in the Albanian side. The project's main objective (already achieved) is the organization of eco tour trips around the Prespes Lakes area with the use of latest technology solar boats as an innovative and effective tool for increasing the area's attractiveness both in the local and foreign market, aiming at promoting different aspects of the cultural and natural heritage, demonstrating in real life the endless potentials and advantages of solar energy. The organization of eco tours with solar boats will subsequently contribute to a significant increase of the area's popularity, both in the local and foreign touristic market.

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