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Bringing the benefits of Research to AgroFood SMEs of the Regions of Central Macedonia, Puglia and Pazardzhik ( 15/06/2009 )

RAF- Regions is a European project funded by Regions of Knowledge of the 7th Research Framework Programme. It commenced its activities on the 1st of February 2008 and will be completed in 30 months.

The overarching objective of RAF- Regions is to increase the capacity of the Regions of Central Macedonia (Greece), Puglia (Italy) and Pazardzhik (Bulgaria) by enhancing science and technology based economic development, focusing on the Food Sector.

The project partners (Regional Authorities, SME Associations, Research Entities and Technology Consultants) comprise regional research- driven- clusters. Having the necessary experience and the institutional role, they are in the position to have a direct impact on research policies for the Food sector.

Activities include: mapping of RTD policies and initiatives in the Food Sector; technology audits for Food SMEs; inventory of RTD actors and SMEs; SWOT analysis of regional food innovation capacity; training workshops and training trips; exploitation of synergies with other food clusters; participation in the EC Food Cluster Initiative; development of joint Action Plan for research and technological development for the food sector; organisation of Conference in Thessaloniki, Greece. 

For further details please visit or contact the Coordinator:
Mr Nikos Giannoulidis, Euroconsultants S.A.


“Big results require big ambitions.”