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List of Projects - GOVERNMENT & SOCIETY

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Project Title Project Start Date Project End Date Project Locations
Ex-ante Evaluation of the National Strategic Reference Framework for Programme Period 2007-2013 01/06/2006 07/12/2006 Greece
Project Preparation in NUTS II Target Regions Supported by Phare Programme 09/01/2002 24/10/2002 Czech Republic
AMBER Network for Development of tourism along the Amber road 01/01/1996 31/12/1998 Greece, Sweden, Latvia, Poland
Capacity Building in the field of Metrology in Cyprus 14/09/2005 05/09/2007 Cyprus
Cross-Cutting Issues Evaluation (Gender) in FYROM 01/09/2006 28/02/2007 FYROM
Deregulation of the Economy and Removal of Administrative Barriers 07/04/2004 30/12/2005 Russian Federation
EC–ASEAN Cooperation / ASEAN Statistical Capacity Building Programme 14/02/2005 04/04/2005 Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia
Feasibility Study on the Need tor Institutional Strengthening of the NGO Sector in Suriname and Elaboration of a Financing Proposal 20/02/2006 31/07/2006 Suriname
Furtherance of the Quality Assurance Agency and Supporting the Management Information System in Higher Education 01/01/2004 29/02/2004 Croatia
Generic Training System for Officials of Territorial Self-governing Bodies 08/06/2004 28/09/2005 Czech Republic
INTERACT, Project EX-INT “From external to internal: managing the transformation of borders and preparing for the new neighbourhood” 01/05/2005 31/05/2007 Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus
IPA Facility to Respond to Commission Requests: VET and Adult Learning Review to Prepare for IPA Planning 01/03/2008 31/05/2008 FYROM
Local Self Government Development 08/01/2002 16/12/2004 FYROM
Managerial and Organisational Technical Assistance for the Management Unit of the Training Programme in Support of the Management of Development Interventions (FORMGED) 09/05/2007 31/03/2008 Madagascar
Need assessment and technical specifications for the EAR on Vocational Education and Training school equipment - FYROM 01/06/2004 31/05/2005 FYROM