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Project Title Project Start Date Project End Date Project Locations
EU Capacity Building Initiative for Trade Development and FDI attraction to BiH 27/08/2004 27/11/2006 Bosnia and Herzegovina
Assistance during the Evaluation of the Call for Proposals “Phare Small Projects Programme’ 06/05/2003 24/06/2004 Belgium
Coastal Zone Management Programme TERRA 01/01/1997 31/12/2000 Greece
Cultural Thematic Route Development in Rural Areas – HERITOUR 04/07/2005 28/12/2007 Greece
Diagnosis and analysis of strengths and weaknesses and the implementation of an indicator system in relation to the “Mediterranean Space” (MED) 2007 – 2013 01/12/2006 31/03/2007 Greece
i4G – Incubator for New Economy & Technology Business 22/09/2001 22/06/2006 Greece
Local Self Government Development 08/01/2002 16/12/2004 FYROM
Operations in Developing Countries (PVD) Cofinanced with European Development NGOs (B7 6000) 04/08/2003 04/09/2003 Belgium
Small and Medium Size Enterprise Development in Fyr Macedonia 03/01/2005 03/01/2006 FYROM
Study on Inter-regional Measures for the Development of the Middle-Danube Euroregion following the Construction of Vidin-Calafat Bridge 01/01/2006 30/11/2006 Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia
Support to Local Capacity Building through Local Support Offices (Technical Offices) in the Russian Federation 03/01/2000 30/01/2002 Russian Federation
TA to the Transactional CADSES Contact Point (TCCP) 01/12/2004 01/06/2005 Greece, Albania, FYROM, Serbia, Serbia & Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Technical Assistance for preparation of future CBC programmes 01/11/2007 30/11/2008 Bulgaria
Technical Assistance for the Development of Incubation Centres for Supporting Women Entrepreneurship 23/08/2007 31/03/2009 Turkey
Technical Assistance to DG I for the Evaluation and Monitoring of the Phare Partnership Programme 04/04/1998 30/06/2002 Belgium