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About Euroconsultants SA

Euroconsultants S.A.

Euroconsultants S.A. is a Group of Companies specializing in the provision of consultancy services on innovation and technology.  Since its establishment in 1990, Euroconsultants S.A. has based its growth on two pillars:

    in the development of products
    of  services
The Group of Companies brings practical solutions to challenges faced by public and private sector across the world in achieving development and growth targets in the Sectors of Business & SME Development, Energy & Environment, Socio-Economic & Regional Development, Government & Society, Health, Information & Communication Technology, Innovation & Technology, Project & Programme Management.




“…services based on the principle of being consultants in project planning as well as partners in implementation…”

Dr. Paris Kokorotsikos,

Office Locations
Headquarters : Thessaloniki - Greece

Athens - Greece
Ankara - Turkey
Belgrade - Serbia
Brussels - Belgium
Luxembourg - Luxembourg
Manama - Bahrain
Nicosia - Cyprus
Prague - Czech Republic
Sofia - Bulgaria
Zagreb - Croatia