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Improving the business climate for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), has been a distinct priority for Euroconsultants S.A. We actively contribute to the enhancement of the SME development policy and design of strategic measures to boost creation, sustainability and growth of SMEs. In this way, our services contribute to the achievement of national goals: of developing the capacity of public authorities in pro-entrepreneurship Policy making and of rendering Regulatory Frameworks business-friendly.

In parallel, we serve the assessed and perceived needs of SMEs (in administration, technology/innovation, marketing and trade sectors) in order to support them in improving their business performance and generating additional employment and income. It is in this framework, that we have developed our own Business Incubator for Growth- i4G facility.

We undertake assignments aimed to facilitate the identification of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and Domestic Investment as well as the recording of current needs and problems encountered by companies operating in investment destinations.  Evaluating private sector investments, assessing subsequent technological and operational needs, performing financial and technology due diligence of potential investments are among our activities promoting joint ventures as well as ensuring the transfer of know-how to emerging markets.


We take up projects aiming to support new business development through cooperation with public and private sources of funding, as well as provide business development services related to both infrastructure and entrepreneurship. In this context we support Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) arrangements by providing local authorities with the capacity to assess, design and implement PPP in their fields of activities and by enabling the private sector to participate in PPP opportunities.

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