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Socio-Economic Development


Sustainable economic and social development requires well-targeted and appropriate interventions planned together with those most affected by them and in full concurrence with international and national goals.


We support Local and Regional Development as advisors to authorities from the local to the regional and central levels, as well as other local development stakeholders in good governance issues.


We promote the development of joint strategies and projects at Cross-Border Cooperation (CBC) transregional and transnational level, aiming at common progress in human, economic and natural assets.

Our commitment to promoting the values of Education and Employment has contributed to early recognition of pedagogical and educational needs and effective promotion of labour market integration.

We act upon the centrality of Rural Development and Agriculture in advancing people’s livelihoods by assisting in highlighting the sector’s importance to the economy and enabling participation of the rural poor in the productive cycle. 

Lastly, enhancing the profile of Culture Hubs, and thus safeguarding our common cultural heritage, is evident in the choice of projects undertaken.

"With regard
to excellence, it is not
enough to know, but
we must try to have
and use it."


List of Projects in This Sector