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The dynamics of Decentralization have imposed huge demands on central and local governments across the globe.  We are successfully engaged in providing technical assistance to public sector institutes to manage the administrative and fiscal devolution process, including corresponding legal changes.  We contribute to assisting the administrative cooperation between central and Local Government to implement the ensuing Public Administration Reform agenda.


The promotion of dialogue on local development matters is also pursued through the contribution in the development of Civil Society.  Regional and local civil society organizations (NGOs, foundations, vulnerable population’s support groups etc.) benefit from our facilitation services to access external assistance projects. 


Enhanced local capacities to support -among others- project formulation and implementation are also vital in the context of European Union (EU) Accession.  EU Acceding and Candidate Countries need to utilize EU Structural Funds – the EU’s oldest funding mechanism for improving economic and social conditions in lagging regions.  We have advised authorities on preparing effective administrative and legislative infrastructure as well as building sufficient capacity to manage their funds.


Achieving conformity with EC policies, procedures and technical regulations and standards, constitutes a central part of the EU Acquis Communautaire. We remain committed in providing assistance to beneficiaries, to meet requirements in Quality Infrastructure, namely standardization, certification, accreditation and metrology facilitating thus in the adoption of EU standards.


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