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Project Title Project Start Date Project End Date Project Locations
Audio Visual Documentation and Digital Accessibility of Sinai Greek Orthodox Monuments 01/01/2004 Greece
Creation of Digital Cultural Guide for the Tourism Promotion of: Drama Prefecture, Aegean Music Tradition, 19th Century Architectural Tradition of Kastoria 03/02/2004 Greece
Development and Innovation Initiatives and Strategies in Jordan 14/09/2005 17/11/2005 Jordan
Development of "Technopolis Park" in Thessaloniki 02/03/2000 31/12/2008 Greece
Digitisation (Audio – Visual) of Cultural Heritage 01/03/2004 Greece
E-Business Service Accounting Network (E-BSAN) 01/09/2001 31/03/2004 Greece, Italy, France, Spain, Finland
EPOS: E-Procurement Optimised System For The Healthcare Marketplace 01/06/2005 31/12/2006 Greece, Belgium, Italy
i4G – Incubator for New Economy & Technology Business 22/09/2001 22/06/2006 Greece
Identification and Feasibility Missions for a New Programme to Support Research & Technological Development and Innovation Initiatives and Strategies in Jordan 01/09/2005 30/11/2005 Jordan
Innovation Management Application in Selected Incubators of Northern Greece Greece
Innovative Enterprise Architecture Education and Training Based on Web 2.0 Technologies (EATrain2) 01/01/2009 01/01/2011 Greece, Austria, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Ireland
IST Mentor+: Mentoring of IST-Multipliers in ACCs – Extension 01/01/2004 31/12/2005 Greece, France, Italy, Israel, Austria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Turkey
IST Mentor: Mentoring of IST Multipliers in the NAS 01/12/2002 30/11/2004 Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Slovenia, Hungary, Italy, Israel, France, Austria
LSH- ACC- Mentor: Mentoring of LifeSciHealth-Multipliers in the Accession Candidate Countries (ACCs) 01/01/2005 31/12/2006 Greece, Israel, Italy, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Cyprus, Czech Republic
RAF REGIONS- Bringing the Benefits of Research to AgroFood SMEs 01/02/2008 31/07/2010 Greece, Bulgaria, Italy